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  • mchappy53 : Is this blog/site outdated or unpopular as there doesn't seem to be much going on with it.
  • mchappy53 : The only thing I'm needing help with is where to get things that David no longer carries or is generally out of stock on? Looking for some additional trusted sources. Thanks so much.
  • georgie187 : Yeay I'm in. Looking forward to some new content. There is more content on facebook and we pay money for here. :(
  • georgie187 : Lucien something is wrong and when I try to log in it says I am not authorised. Can you check this please.
  • Lucien : It's a profound discovery that your body will produce what it needs to save you. But what happens is as we age, the bone marrow can't get the ju ice out into your blood. It starts to calcify. Your bones calcify. They become hard. Like in a baby, they are bouncy and buoyant. They are bendy. But with age, we calcify.

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