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Podcast 50: David Wolfe Interviews Dr. Yu on Hormones

by Lucien Gauthier on Jan 21st, 2011

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David Wolfe Interviews Dr. Yu on Hormones

The content found on The Best Day Ever, from David Wolfe, and New Horizon Health, Inc. is for informational purposes only, and is in no way intended as medical advice, as a substitute for medical counseling, or as a treatment/cure for any disease or health condition and nor should it be construed as such because that would be illegal.  Always work with a qualified health professional before making any changes to your diet, supplement use, prescription drug use, lifestyle, or exercise activities. Please understand that you assume all risks from the use, non-use, or misuse of this information.

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  • Patti Bealer February 9, 2011

    David is amazing with the experts he comes up with, I just can’t get enough of his fabulous information.

  • john butera February 12, 2011

    David Dr. Yu appears to be very clinical and pharmaceutical in bent. I hope you bring in more balance with foods and natural hormonal balancing and rejuvenation. I say this because as Dr. Yu was discussing one thing using pharamceuticals he would mention something else they would have to use to tweek the side effects of his drug intervention. IE the aromatase bone loss side effect needed something else, well, this is the typical pharma rabbit hole that leads to 5-10 meds to counter side effects of each.
    I hope you can bring in a more human correction via nutrients then pharmaceuticals thanks very interesting though and informative. JB

  • andy March 12, 2011

    HI, Dr. yu mentiond the study were artificially castrated men became diabetic, would it be possible to get the full name of the study.
    Many thanks

  • John R. Lee July 2, 2011

    Dear David, RE: Your interview with Dr. George Yu, Would it be possible for me to get an E-mail address and telephone number for Dr.Yu? I would also like to get more information on the book Dr. Yu mentioned in your interview. Any info you might have regarding Dr.Yu would be very much appreciiated. Thanks for your kind attention to this request….John R.Lee (925)968-9952

  • khaoula begdouri May 30, 2012

    hello David
    thanks so much for this great interview. I have struggled with the progesterone deficiency that Dr yu mentions but am reluctant in taking progesterone. I would like to consult or call Dr Yu, are there any contacts? thanks so much

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