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Podcast 54: David Wolfe on Blocking Bad Estrogens

by Lucien Gauthier on Feb 14th, 2011

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David Wolfe on Blocking Bad Estrogens

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The content found on The Best Day Ever, from David Wolfe, and New Horizon Health, Inc. is for informational purposes only, and is in no way intended as medical advice, as a substitute for medical counseling, or as a treatment/cure for any disease or health condition and nor should it be construed as such because that would be illegal.  Always work with a qualified health professional before making any changes to your diet, supplement use, prescription drug use, lifestyle, or exercise activities. Please understand that you assume all risks from the use, non-use, or misuse of this information.

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  • lisa February 19, 2011

    I’m new to this blog – but it is fascinating to listen to this…. some of it I know already, other things are new and helpful, supporting things I already do or have been led to either intuitively or previous research, and others I will add (or increase) to my practices. I am coming to believe that a health crisis can actually be an invitation to a deeply spiritual pathway, particularly when that health crisis feels like a toxic tipping point and follow close on the heels of a traumatic emotional shock (think – German New Medicine and EFT)… red clover and SSKI are two things that seem to have an effect of converting carcinogenic/bad estrogen to anti-carcinogenic/good/protective estrogen (oh! you’re talking about the iodine now!)… said health crisis should not become the whole, permanent focus of life of course, but it is one way to turn inward, follow pathways that would have been ignored otherwise, my own journey got so strange, but whether it was connecting to intuition or asking the Creator, universe, whatever – for help, for guidance and then, before you know it, those answers came – in ways that were/are almost magical…there will definitely be answers and then your life goes in whole different directions you never saw coming – maybe it’s the energy in the raw food, dunno, but this is great stuff, David, I LOVE how you’ve done all this phenomenal deep research and share it so freely. You rock!
    New fan, Lisa

  • Teya March 5, 2011

    The most powerful and safe estrogen blocker is not IC3 but DIM.
    DIM( Diindolylmethane) is safe and ideal for both men and women you would need at least 100 – 200mg for women and 200 -400mg for men of the pure DIM. . Oral I3C in humans has been shown to have unwanted effects at only 2 times the normal dose with symptoms of dizziness, gastritis, and nervous system toxicity. I3C increases the production of 4-hydroxyestrogen (a “bad” estrogen metabolite, associated with increased cancer risk and other negative health outcomes in humans). DIM leads to reduced activity of the enzyme called CYP1B1, which acts as a catalyst for 4-hydroxyestrogen production. Therefore, unlike I3C, DIM does not promote tumors in mammals, reduces the production of 4-hydroxyestrogen, and promotes safer estrogen metabolism than that seen with I3C.
    Another great supplement to take along with DIM is Calcium D-Glucarate which is known for:

    Estrogen Removal – Calcium-D-Glucarate allows the body to excrete used hormones, such as estrogen before they can become reabsorbed. Large doses of Calcium-D-Glucarate have been shown to lower serum estrogen levels in rats by 23%. I have been researching this area for the last 8 years and have successfully helped myself and many of my female clients to lose weight and increase sanity as I have made a pledge to not go through what the women in my family went through in their late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s which affected every area of their life, especially relationships. in Wellness! Teya Skae

  • enayat March 6, 2011

    diabetic 2 lots of nerve problems..neuropathy; glaucoma; etc also endocrine problem and NOT resonding to all attepts to imrove [testosterone; thyroid; adrenal

    what can u recommend for nerve imrovement

    i cant even spell : macuna? sheila G?? ashaganda??? noni??

  • rose March 25, 2011

    so are flax seeds good to take or not?
    what about supplements such as vitamin A and others?
    are some herbs to be avoided?

  • rose March 25, 2011

    DIM made me so dizzy and made me throw up all day.
    Calcium d Glucarate my body can handle just fine.
    Im going to try Indol 3 Carbinol, but it sounds similar to DIM.
    But really I need to find where the estrogens are coming from.
    Its recently got much worse; as 1 of my breasts is now completely solid.
    Im afraid to do to the doctor as they will just offer me an x-ray.
    Perhaps the vitamin A (in my antioxidant supplement) is estrogenic? Or it could be other herbs, supplements or foods!

  • rose March 30, 2011

    and what about-


    this is what im trying now, and its very relaxing also!
    i should have thought of this before!

  • rose March 30, 2011

    evening primrose oil- friend or foe?
    flax seeds- good or bad?
    other herbs- red clover, black cohosh, don quai etc…?

  • rose April 15, 2011

    ive just started taking indole 3 carbinol (with flax lignans), and i seem to be more than fine on it. im not vomitting like i did with DIM.
    infact my anxiety goes for a couple of hours after taking it.
    i may increase the dose after a week if all is fine.
    im feeling hopeful about the longer term results with I3C!

    i finished the bottle of Calcium d Glucarate. it did not make me feel ill, but it didnt see any improvement either.

    good luck with your journey too!

  • rose April 22, 2011

    Well ive been taking I3C (200mg) for 9 days and i am trying to live with the dizziness side effect.
    (DIM was worse!)

    Im not sure if i should continue using it if i experience such side effects.
    However I am running out of options!

  • rose April 27, 2011

    no need for concern.
    this is not breast cancer.
    i have had this solid breast for 6 months.
    i had this 6 years ago also. i finally realised it was the soy protein powder that i was taking daily, that was disturbing my hormones, so i simply stopped taking it and my breasts returned to normal.
    this time im not sure where the estrogen is coming from, and only 1 breast is effected.

    im going to try the msm, lemon oil, tmg soon!
    im still on the I3C, but am not entirely happy with it.
    my breast has softened somewhat, and i can actually run down the road without aching leg musles! however it is making me a bit dizzy and depressed (perhaps increased liver enzymes, goitregens?) i have a goitre too! i sound like a mess, but i do look healthy.

  • rose May 2, 2011

    i stopped taking the I3C after 2 long weeks on it! i was a little dizzy from it and depressed (only 200mg day). plus i had a large bruise on my leg that wasnt healing!

    im taking now vitex agnus castus, milk thistle, antioxidant formula, fish/krill oil.
    vitex takes a couple of months to work apparently.
    i have ordered raw B, msm, tmg, lemon oil. thanks avocado!
    i will get some more calcium d glucarate possibly if all else fails.
    i am taking st. johns wort when i feel stressed. it seems to have an immediate effect on me for stress. i have ordered siberian ginseng also.

    i have stopped using essential oils in my face oil. it is known that lavender and tea tree oil are xenoestrogens, but quite probably other essential oils are too!
    i am minimising flax seeds, and eating beets!

    i am eating a high raw diet, with some cooked food. i have tried all raw and i dont think its long term sustainable for me, and was infact ungrounding. high fat and high sugar is not really ideal for me!

    i have tested low in iron and vitamin D previously, but felt toxic effects from normal dose vitamin D3 also. low dose is ok, but i have become quite nervous about taking D regularly.

    i think my body requires more protein and building foods, perhaps minerals too, but i have found this difficult to get daily! i like the idea of bone broth; but i dont like preparing meat often.
    perhaps i need to go on a juice or smoothie fast! i once had green smoothies for 5 days and my energy went through the roof! i stopped it after 5 days because it was the most boring diet ever! i needed a crunchy salad!

  • rose May 16, 2011

    im B12 deficient!
    this doesnt help!

  • Gabriella May 17, 2011

    Hi David,

    Thank you for the fantastic information, I am a great fan of your teaching.
    I am wondering if you could give some advice in relation to my daughter. she is 16 , she has had irregular period for the past 3-4 years and she has been diagnosed as having polycistic ovaries. She has lots of problems with her period. Last year she was having almost continous period with couple of days of stops here and there. She was given one course of progesteron, which now has completely stopped her periods. Doctors can’t do much, they want to put her on Clomid (Clomiphene citrate), but I would not be happy about it as it is known to cause cancer. PLus it is not a long term solution. I appreciate that you are not a doctor, however I would be happy if you could give some suggestions as to what I should try giving her and in what dosage. She also has acne, she is mostly underweight and has sugar craving. I did try out homeopathy, accupuncture, magnet therapy, reflexology, EFT for her but I haven’t seen any improvement.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    With love and light,


  • Violet Wittler October 4, 2011

    I previously commented on your webpage and picked inform me on latest responses. Perhaps there is a way to disable that system? I’m getting a lot of emails.

  • Fiona November 26, 2012

    Great information. Have been using some of these will see how I go over time… had enough of these hot flashes.

  • Nicolette Apilado January 6, 2013

    Hi there,I enjoy reading through your article post, I wanted to write a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation.All the best for all your blogging efforts.

  • Alisia Darroch January 16, 2013

    Very nice blog! You have made few points I did not know, on losing weight. Thank you!

  • Milissa Jividen January 23, 2013

    So very very cool! I am very happy I found your site! Some points I completely agree with and knew about, but some stuff I had not thought about! Thanks!

  • I will immediately seize your rss feed as I can not in finding your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me understand so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  • David Wolfe on Bad Estrogen Removal | The Best Day Ever

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