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Podcast 89: David Wolfe on Lyme Disease

by Lucien Gauthier on Sep 26th, 2011

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  • Allison September 27, 2011

    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: not everyone gets the circular rash after a lime tick bite. Many people never remember being bitten and many have never had a rash. Also, the circular rash does not necessarily show up where the bite took place. The rash can be anywhere. I was bitten on my arm with a tiny tick the size of the period at the end of this sentence. The circular rash showed up only when I was on antibiotics a few days later and the rash appeared on my leg! Unfortunately, even in New England, many of the doctors do not understand Lyme. It is misdiagnosed all of the time. Rule of thumb: if there is an unusual symptom, physical or emotional — always consider Lyme as being a potential cause. The earlier that it is treated, the easier it is to cure. I have friends who are battling Lyme for many years because it wasn’t caught early.

  • Darla September 27, 2011

    Lyme spirochete is found in 50% of chronic diseases and most often misdiagnosed. MS, Parkinson’s, CFS, Arthritis, Autism, Autoimmune diseases, and much more are finding the spirochete.

    A rash is rare in Lyme disease. Less than 20% ever get one. In Chronic Neuro Lyme rarely has a patient ever remember being bit and no rash.

    This disease is spread through many vectors. Just ticks is old school. Fleas, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Flies, more insects, and animals. One of my doctors got this disease from his wife. Igenix which is the best Laboratory in the US for testing Lyme (who still miss it 50% of the time) states it is sexually transmitted.

    I had 4 Lyme tests come back negative from many different Labs, and I did not have typical Lyme symptoms you read about (no joint pain) online so I kept writing it off that I could have it. Until I saw the movie “Under Our Skin” and had an Igenix lab report finally come back positive.

    Dr. Schaller who wrote the book on Babesia and Bartonella claims that 99 out of 100 Lyme patients have Bartonella and most labs will never detect it. Most believe this is a co-infection, but now doctors are believing this is the main infection (whether symptoms are present) and that Lyme is a co-infection. You must heal co-infections before Lyme will leave the body.

    Heavy metals testing: Lyme loves mercury and holds onto it to make its biofilm in those areas in the body that mercury accumulates. Very important to get rid of heavy metals.

  • Julie September 27, 2011

    For those interested in the Buhner Healing Lyme herbal protocol, please check out to read hundreds of past Q & As by Stephen Harrod Buhner about his protocol.

  • Olivia September 27, 2011

    Where could I find info about the zapper that you mention?
    Thank you.

  • Lucien Gauthier September 27, 2011

    wow awesome comments! here is some video for the zapper they are being rolled out this week at the LNC and will go to the warehouse after the event.

  • Cecil Ming September 27, 2011

    It is Lyme Disease not Lymes…

  • Triza September 27, 2011

    Lyme disease can be dormant in a body for years before it surfaces. By that time, you are dealing with a whole different ball game. Lyme is an epidemic on the west coast as much as the east coast and every where in between in the US, and is indeed worldwide.

    Lyme and it’s several equally dangerous co-infections create systemic yeast and fungus conditions as one the many physical problems. It’s not just antibiotics that create yeast problems.

    Much less than 50% of people who are bitten by a tick ever see a bull’s eye rash. So many people go years without an accurate diagnosis, having gone through many specialists who are not familar with Lyme and it’s co-infections, because of the politically motivated deep denial of the devastation of Lyme by Western orthodox medicine.

    Lyme mimmicks MANY conditions which make it extremely difficult to diagnose unless you are a Lyme Literate MD or Specialist (LLMD). Anyone who knows they’ve been bitten and see a tick should place it in a jar and contact IGeniX Labs to have it tested. If positive, find a true LLMD immediately and begin recovery measures before it goes totally systemic and enters literally every organ, including the brain.

    I appreciate that any level of informtion is being brought to the public, so my response to this interview of exposure to Lyme is fairly positive, but it’s sooo much more than described in this interview. I appreciate also that there was limited time for the interview.

    Triza – Member of the Central Coast Lyme Disease Support Group

  • eric harvey September 28, 2011

    Anyone with Lyme would greatly benifit from liver and gallbladder flushes check out what andreas moritz has to say about it on youtube under enerchitv or his web site

  • Dace September 28, 2011

    Just to note that Buhner Healing Lyme herbal protocol warns about using Astragalus only for acute cases not for chronic. In chronic Lyme condition avoid using Astragalus. Please read Buhner’s Healing Lyme for more details.

  • Allison September 28, 2011

    Another note: Andrographis (not sure if I spelled this correctly) was mentioned in this talk and it is not well tolerated by many people. A doc who uses Voll testing on his patients told me that I was one of the few patients that tested well for it. It’s important to have someone do muscle testing or Voll testing to see which lyme herbs, and antibiotics are tolerated by the body. It is a completely INDIVIDUAL thing. There is no herb that will work for everyone. I read about so many people having “herxes” from various herbs and I suspect that they are really having an allergic reaction to the herbs. It’s counter productive to take an herb or a medicine if the body does not tolerate it well. One needs to be selective and learn to dowse or muscle test, or see someone who does to determine the correct course of treatment. It’s different for everyone. Recovery can be two steps forward and one step backwards. An herb that can be tolerated one week may not be tolerated the next week. I’ve had a lot of experience with this from my own Lyme/Ehrlichia experience and my husband’s ALS/Lyme – which he is now recovering from after 5 years!

  • Richard Mc Hale September 29, 2011

    Your stuff is always good, an eye opener, pioneer, the best in this field. Please keep doing more. Stupid question. My wifes poop sinks to the bottom of the toilet. Mine does not. It always floats. Why? We have been 70% raw for a year. What do I need to do to sink this poop. Thankjs

  • stuart September 29, 2011

    I have basically recovered from very serious Lyme disease that nearly killed me. These are interesting ideas and I’m always happy to have people learn more. Still, there is so much more to healing lyme then is presented here, I would urge people to deeply explore practitioners who truly understand and work with it on a regular basis, people who have treated many people and have gotten successful outcomes.. This is a horrifying and dangerous disease. (BTW,The rash is seen in less then 40% of the cases, though in my case it was.Please never rely on it as an indicator or non-indicator of infection.)

    This is a very complex disease that requires a very individualized, personal approach that goes through many stages. I send love and blessings to all, like David, who even attempt to help those suffering from it. Gratitude!

  • Jason September 30, 2011

    It kinda scares me that someone is teaching on Lyme disease and calls it Lymes disease???????

  • Kristen Bello October 2, 2011

    All potential “facts” represented with much confidence by the speaker. But, here’s a tip: Lymes does not exist. Lyme does. So, do your homework and be careful about what you represent as true if you want your communications to be trusted.

  • Lymie October 3, 2011

    The term is “Lyme Disease,” not “Lymes Disease.” In addition, a spirochete is a type of bacteria and NOT a parasite. Zappers don’t work on spirochetes. You should know that.

  • doc watcher October 13, 2011

    Check out the documentary, Under Our Skin, as well as the book, Lab 257.

    A reputable testing lab is IgeneX, in Palo Alto, CA.

    BTW the plural Lyme(S) is more than annoying. Because the name comes from Lyme, Connecticut, the name remains singular.

  • Tess October 25, 2011

    There is some inaccurate information of this podcast. I actually had to stop listening to it shortly after starting it. I have Lyme Disease and have been treated for the past couple years. He states it is not a bacteria, that is NOT true it is a bacteria. Also it is called Lyme not Lymes. I have a hard time with people speaking on this topic when they do not know their facts. It misleads those who are suffering. The best route is this, if you think you have Lyme Disease, seek a Lyme literate doctor and never ever go to an infectious disease doctor. Get tested through Igenex Lab.

  • Lucien Gauthier October 25, 2011

    Dave explained that Lyme Disease is a Spirochete which is accurate.

  • Dr. Jason November 6, 2011

    We see a lot of Lyme patients here in Texas. The podcast is interesting and fairly accurate, but you have to be much more specific and individualized. Muscle testing is a must. Heavy metals and fungus/yeast almost always show and need to be handled. The body tells you what it wants to handle first. The Spirochete can cause opportunistic vulnerability in the body for other immune challenges to occur. With the biofilm they produce, it becomes very hard for the immune system to do its job effectively. The Spirochete can move very quickly through the connective tissue. It is estimated to take less than two seconds to travel from the head to the genitalia in some. There is no magic pill that helps everyone. Individualized programs have to be considered. Nutrition Response Testing is form of muscle testing that may work very well for some. Whatever you decide to do, do not give up.

  • E donley January 27, 2012

    Please please correct your communication here, yes this is a very serious disease, I too have had it. It is, LYME…….not lymes, this is an insulting uneducated uninformed form of conversation, also, just as important, ticks bite……they do not sting. Get these simple facts right in order to suggest there is good information available here.

  • Anonymous January 27, 2012

    Please people if you have a comment make it more profound or important than the way Dave says Lyme Disease….its how he says it, i know its tough for you academics but please snap out of it.

  • satka January 29, 2012

    agreed- there re more important issues to discuss here. i have had Lyme for 18months and after starting treatment in u.k have found another highly esteemed doc in germany.
    from feedback on forums it seems the doc who retired lst year in u.k. changed many patients lives in 3mtns than 5yrs with other LLMDs. we need more doctors here desperatly as more people are contracting this disease. I have been having Radionic treatment which has been greatly helpful-hasnt cured me but i`m sure i would be a lot worse if i didnt have this. i also saw a Kinesiologist who gave me 3 rife machine treatments- first one was amazing-I was great for several days after-no symptoms at all. I am thinking of getting a small zapper for myself-also changing to acrobiotic diet which seems to make a difference. all very tiring….I hope we all find our way to wellness…satka x

  • Lulu May 4, 2012

    Read the book “Cure Unknown” This is a journalist who wrote this book over a 9 yr period. Her battle with Lyme and it’s related co infections, her three children and husband. She was determined to get the political smokescreen surrounding this. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get Lyme, thought oh well this is classic symptoms you get and you get treated, end of story. No it is the beginning of a complete nightmare. Prima Una de Gato by Allergy Research Group is absolutely important, it will knock you off kilter so be very careful, make sure to get TOA free.. BTW, Lyme is endemic in MN and WI as well, it’s now being found all over the US where it was never found. Garlic liberally. I’m going to look into some things mentioned in the audio. I suggest EVERYONE read that book, being armed is important. This is a multi systemic disease, it’s absolutely horrific. And the dr’s are NOT helping people with this. Unless this is detected early it will not be detected at your dr’s office and you will be in a REVOLVING door and being suggested you need psychiatric help. This is a crime on such a huge scale it’s beyond words.

  • Stephanie May 23, 2012

    I would like to recommend to anyone on this thread a product called “Body Balance” which has been integral in my healing from lyme. It is sea vegetables and aloe vera.

  • Kathy July 11, 2012

    I am not pleased to see that people who have Lyme Disease are upset and furious hearing “Lyme’s Disease”. Shame to all who pointed this out. This information was good, and the presentation style, terminology; and accurate information made it amazing.

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  • Erin McGlynn November 21, 2014

    I am very hard of hearing so I am having difficulty getting the whole podcast. Would someone so kindly be able to give me the highlights?

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