PART ELEVEN: Dr. Shiva and David Wolfe in this Epic 2 Hour Conversation! Everything is Covered!!
I just finished interviewing Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai for 2 hours! We originally met online a couple years ago, and then started talking on the phone about getting his software: activated to help develop products for my cousin’s company Cymbiotika ( So I met Dr. Shiva via business, but we quickly realized that we shared much in common: the core being a deep-seated love of scientific investigation. 

Dr. Shiva, like myself, grew up in New Jersey most of his childhood with occasional trips to Bombay, India where his parents were from — similar to my early trips to Iran before the Shah was overthrown. Our experiences as children, in countries that still maintained traditions dating back thousands of years, I believe connected not only the two of us to each other but to culture and people in general. 

Dr. Shiva has numerous MIT degrees and is extremely sharp, well-spoken and literate. In this latest of our Immunity Summit presentations we cover many topics including:

* The microbiome, microviome and the nature of viruses 
* The “not so obvious” establishment 
* Dr. Shiva’s health recommendations 
* The nature of corruption in our society 
* Systems approaches to engineering and science 
* His current run for Senate in Massachusetts

I absolutely love Dr. Shiva. And I know you will too! Enjoy this one!

Have The Best Day Ever!

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(Also, Let’s get Dr. Shiva on the ballot in Massachussetts)

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