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-- Healthy Habits 

Most importantly, you'll learn how to take complete control of your immunity and health of you and your loved ones.


Speaker, Author, Biodynamic Organic Farmer, Earth Activist, Peak Performance Coach, Adventurer with 25+ years of dedicated experience and having hosted 3000 live health events.

David has led the environmental charge for radiant health via a positive mental attitude, eco-community building, living spring water, and the best-ever quality organic foods, wild foods, juices and herbs.

In our first webinar, we will focus on David's top immunity protocols and give you access to his Immunity Nourishment PDF download.


As a healer and alternative health advocate, Dr. Group has dedicated his life to helping others. Dr. Group’s mission is to identify and eliminate the root cause of disease.

He is the founder and CEO of Global Healing, an industry leader and innovator in the field of natural health. 

In this webinar we will focus on one of the most powerful immune defense nutrients.


Dr. Dittman has taken his own 30 years of experience in perinatal health, and compiled all of this into his "The Brighton Method" book. 

After completing his doctorate in Oriental Medicine, he completed post-doctoral certifications and internships in specialty areas such as women’s reproductive health, prostate health, myopractry (Osteopathic manipulation), prenatal yoga, pediatrics (Sho Ni Shin), natural fertility, parasitology, and prenatal massage and manipulation (Tui Na and Cheng Gua). 

In this webinar, we will focus on Hygiene and nutritional strategies for protecting and boosting your immune system.


At House of Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center, we believe that the key to health, wealth and healing is innate. Through loving care, Dr. Sunil Pai, one of the first MD’s in the U.S. formally trained in Integrative Medicine, has been a leading expert in the field for over 18 years. His extensive training is the reason so many patients recommend his services to their family members and friends. In this webinar, Dr. Pai reveals the importance of an integrative approach to optimizing your immune system.
Dr. Calin V. Pop, is a Medical Doctor, Internal Medicine specialist who has over two decades of hands-on practical experience on real-life patients combining mainstream medicine with integrative and functional therapies. Dr. Pop specializes in addressing the deeper, underlying causes of illness and disease. He believes that everyone deserves to live up to his or her full potential, to live a long, healthy, vibrant life. However, things have become too complicated and confusing in health care, and most people cannot sort out the overload of misinformation in time to find healing and relief from various conditions. In this webinar, Dr Pop reveals the science behind Coated Silver as a powerful aid in supporting your immune system.
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Air Pollution is one of the worst offenders against our immune system! Consider the explosion in mold toxicity, respiratory infections and multiple chemical sensitivities just in recent years. Research shows that Indoor Air Pollution is at least 5-10 times worse than outdoor Air Pollution! This has given rise to what is termed “sick-building” syndrome. 

Is there a way we can clean our homes and workspaces of airborne viruses as well as black mold spores, pollen, dust and volatile organic chemicals? We will unpack answers to these questions and more in this webinar!


In this webinar I interview one of my coaches: Alan Davidson. I initially heard of Alan Davidson via his exemplary reputation amongst numerous peers and colleagues. 

Alan Davidson is a lifestyle and business coach who brings a strong metaphysical perspective to his work.

I hired him to be my personal coach and we spent two entire days together one on one a few months ago. These were two of the best spent days I have experienced in many years — a RESET for my future.


Santos Bonacci deals with the subject of Syncretism, bringing together all the fields of knowledge and wisdom and showing the interrelatedness of all things.

Syncretism is the opposite of division and disunity and covers all the big topics like; Theology, Astrotheology, Natural Science, Astrology, Reclaiming Dominion, Breaking the fictions of Religion, Science and Law, and the Holy Science, an ancient science based on the workings of the solar system, which is the science of, ‘as above so below’.

These sciences enable one to develop wisdom and enlightenment far beyond what this world currently has to offer.  In this interview, Santos and David unpack the astrology of this time of year and what's in store for our earth.


Ron Teeguarden is widely recognized as the founding father of Tonic Herbalism in the United States. His approach towards health is profound yet incredibly simple to apply: putting focus on proactive promotion of glowing health (through life cultivation) versus curing of diseases.

He has been a powerful translator of Eastern philosophy and health care techniques to hundreds of thousands of Westerners for over four decades.

In this webinar Ron reveals the top 10 tonic herbs you can use daily to build strength for your body, mind and immune system.
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